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frequently asked questions

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Can we continue working with you after we finish our personalized programs?

Of course! There is always the option to continue to get coached and have programs designed for you. We can cross that bridge once we get there, and talk about options and pricing.

How soon will I see results?

That all depends on you. The program only works if you do. You can follow the program, but if you go out after and drink beers and eat burgers, you will just get there slower. I will do my part and can only hope that you will do yours.

Do we need a gym access for your programs?

Not really. I can write you either a gym program, or a home program – you have the option. A gym membership is great because we can work with different exercises and build strength, but functional body weight exercises are crucial as well. You can pick whichever you’d like!

What if I have to skip a day of training because of something that came up?

Life goes on! It’s totally okay…don’t stress.I can adjust your program as needed with the option to do something similar on the go or adjust the coming days to fit your next few days according to how your body is feeling.

Is nutrition really that important?

Honestly, yes. But the word diet scares me. It also has the word DIE in it, to begin with. I believe in moderation, and healthy living. With that being said, we can definitely touch base on nutrition and the importance of certain core things you should be putting into your body, and the timing of it all. You also have the option to work with a certified nutritionist…but if you want the athlete answer to things, ask me! 🙂

Who is your program intended for?

It is all relative. I am working with clients that are high performing athletes that needed minor tweaks in their current program, or needed a fresh outlook on a weight program. I am also working with clients that have not trained in over 20 years and need to slowly get back into basic fitness. My program is intended for anyone that is willing to put the work in; whether you’re a weekend warrior,  someone that just needs structure in their lives, whether you have no time for the gym or if you’re a full time parent and have a limited amount of time to train.

How much McDonalds did you eat after your Olympic race?

Well…I ate my first Big Mac ever, in the village…followed by 1 caramel sundae and 2 apple pies. Everything in moderation 😉

How should I prepare for my workouts?

All programs come with a personalized warm up to ensure that you will be ready to go, and you avoid injuries!

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

Every single person can benefit from working with a trainer. Personal training is truly an investment in one’s own health and well-being. You will develop a routine, have motivation and a fresh perspective on health, nutrition and how fitness can actually be fun. I will also be there for solid, consistent and non-judgemental support. Not to mention injury prevention and working on proper form to ensure you are maximizing your potential.

Do I have to be in Canada to hire you?

Nope! My programs are open world wide. With the TrueCoach app, you get your workouts in real time, and can do them in the comfort of wherever you are in the world!

What if don’t know how to perform an exercise?

That is totally okay! The TrueCoach app comes with videos attached to every exercise I put into your program so you can watch it and then do it.