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Tell me your objectives and we will arrange a FaceTime meeting, phone or in person (if you happen to be in Vancouver and want to ride bikes). Some examples can include:

  • Getting your 1, 5 and 10 year goals set and aligned with your vision

  • Fine-tuning or getting feedback on your current training schedule/ program

  • Building an unforgetable powerpoint presentation

  • Preparing for competitions – mentally

  • Improving your pre-race or pre-game rituals


  • A fun (and productive) one-hour meeting

  • A follow-up action plan that gives you a timeline and next steps to help you accomplish goals

  • A 30 minute follow up meeting to check in and ensure you’re on the right path

As an Olympic athlete, I have had to set heath goals, career goals, competition goals, and personal life goals ranging from saving money to 10 year goals. I can’t stress enough how important having direction is. You may feel lost, or have a faint idea as to where you want to go in life, sport and/or career, but don’t have the tools to even know where to begin to plan and get there.

In this package I will personally help you achieve what you set your mind to.



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