All good in the hood.

A month and a bit into living here in Inzell, and I am SO pumped to say that it's all going the way it should. Even on the days when it's a little slower, we have to remember to listen to our bodies and press pause, and be gentle with ourselves so that we can create the space we need to be able to grow on the days that are for grinding. 

Waking up with PURPOSE and feeling the positive vibes and chasing that ENERGY has been so fulfilling in the last few weeks. There are two weeks to go until we hit the ice for the first part of the season. That will be followed by some cycling getaways at altitude in Italy, then back for more grinding on dry land, eyeing that fall summer feeling for the official Olympic season start. 

On this year's menu, we have (thankfully) a regular race season, mixed in with European Champioships and later the Olympics. 

The single most liberating thought I have is that I AM in charge of everything I will bring to the table this season. We are responsible for all the decisions we make in our lives, and seeing as our greatest growth comes from our greatest pain, it's pretty safe to say that this year will be different than the rest. 

So excited to share this journey with you all.