Resistance; an interesting word. The harder you push against something, the harder it pushes back. Energy is an incredible force that can also be so wonderful, if put out into the Universe the right way. Only when you truly let go and surrender yourself to the flow of things, you can truly be at peace with yourself, your surroundings and whatever it may be that you were trying to change in your favour.

There are so many lessons we learn as athletes, in the ‘school of life’. Some experiences don’t come unless there are hardships; actually let me rephrase that – all lessons are repeated until we learn them. Otherwise they show up in different ways and scenarios until you make the same mistake about 14 times just to be get it right once. Then onto the next.

I moved to Holland in September, in pursuit of my second Olympics in Beijing. I had it all figured out and was ready to settle for a couple of years. One thing I take pride in, is being so open to changes and always finding the opportunity in challenges, and being flexible. This year I did the exact opposite, and while it bit me where it hurt the most, I can now look back and appreciate the horrendous few months I experienced, because it allowed me to create the space in my head to allow for new possibilities. What people need to understand and embrace, is that your darkest moments are the moments you need to build on. You need the rock bottom to build your base, or else you fall at absolutely any storm that blows your way.

I’m moving to Inzell, Germany in 6 days, for the remainder of my time as a speed skating athlete. Inzell is small, beautiful, fresh, and has no distractions. It has amazing mountains, hikes, and great coffee places nearby. It’s somewhere I have been to many times before and have associated positive feelings with. Given the COVID circumstance and not being able to be back home in Canada with Gregg Planert training in Calgary, this was an easy decision to make as to where I’d like to be moving forward.

I am not getting any younger, so this new relaxed approach to doing what makes my heart happy, will allow me to pursue my goals at my own speed, and on my own terms, with Gregg by my side. (When sh*t works, don’t change it!!!) Sure, the Beijing Olympics is my goal, but I have gone to the Olympics before; I did not have an optimal performance (since I found out only last minute so it was a little harder to sharpen my knife that close to races), but if Beijing doesn’t happen — I am SO okay with that. I have so many things I’d like to pursue in my lifetime, and as this skating chapter will come to a close, it will only open doors into new experiences such as growing my personal training business, starting to race by track bike in hopes for possibly qualifying for a Summer Olympics and making sure I make more time to spend with loved ones (after all, I DID leave my parents when I was 15, 15 years ago, so I should probably go visit more often ;)).

I’m not afraid to voice my goals – and you know me well; I am open because I know there are others around that think they’re alone in dealing with struggles, or similar experiences. At the end of the day, if I can help one person change their perspective and see the bigger picture, and inspire them through the sh*t I have experienced, then this was not for nothing.

Remember, you are so much more than what your brand is, at this given time. People are often so lost once they let go of something they have done for so long. Stay true to who you are, and you’ll get far, no matter what journey you’re on. And remember to be kind, always — and to be nice to people, because people will always remember how you make them feel.