My Tenerife story begins like every other Tenerife encounter story I’ve had, since I got here. My 2 week booking has now turned into a 4 week unplanned shenanigan. After two plane changes, and expensive PCR tests, I am sitting here writing this more as a little insight in how things have gone.

We came here to enjoy a few days off, and then start training a couple of times per day. I am fortunate to have been able to rent a BMC (just like my bikes at home), from Bike Point Tenerife, and we arrived just in time to join some of the locals on an insane adventure for just over 100km, and 3000m of climbing. It was a 10 hour adventure, with just over 6 hours total riding time. I was very mentally ready to climb, as it’s my favourite thing on the bike, but little did I know that my body was NOT going to respond in the same way my brain did — let’s remember that I’ve been living in Holland where there is F all for mountains (to add to the list of things I dislike about living there).


A couple of days after the epic ride, I took on climbing Teide Volcano. Coffee driven bike rides are what this year will be all about. I set out on a mission; it was all planned out, and then COVID decided to kick my plans in the ass, and completely change the route of everything I planned, EVERY time I planned. I legitimately was about to buy my plane ticket back to Canada a couple of days ago, when I read that I practically am not going to be able to leave the country once I step foot in. So, rewind, replan, and move onwards. 


Back to our time on the island. We’ve been here long enough that we are now brown enough to not be approached by blanket and bracelet selling men. We look like locals, but that doesn’t stop sidewalk citizens from approaching us, sometimes offering to take us for drinks, and when turned down, upping their game by telling us they have a house AND a car. WOW – such an achievement. The fact that women fall for that crap, blows my mind. Fast forward to the last week now – Routine is standard and needed, especially when there are distractions, like the beaches. Morning cortado’s by Coco Beach; the best place in Las Americas where you will find 3 friendly Italian chicks, making coffee the way it should be made.

Lunch time was always at the Burger Place where we got Poke Bowls, or Salmon Tacos. Unless we were to Tierra Cafe, and had Buddha Bowls or Acai Bowls after our morning 5k runs…then our late lunches would be fresh coconuts from Hassan, on the beach, with planned dinner outside the tourist area. 


There are some incredible holes in the wall here, that truly make everything fresh, right from the sea. One of the best places to eat was El Timon in El Medano, where we had Octopus.

We tried some other Galician octopus places nearby, but the problem with every restaurants catering to everyone’s needs, is that they cook frozen food most of the time. With that being said, it was another great first time experience spending a few hours puking my guts out one night after indulging into some not so fresh meatballs. First time for everything. 

I refuse to write about training. There is nothing I have to say about any plans or planning, because I am doing things unstructured at the moment. I am happy, and I have made some solid life decisions that do not require me to fully plan for my athletic future. I found the love in training for fun, again, and will continue to do that on my way to the Olympics. 

Stay tuned for more.